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117. lovačka divizija (117. Jäger Division)
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117. lovačka divizija (117. Jäger Division) Documents from National Archive Washington
   117. lovačka divizija (117. Jäger Division), T315 roll 1300  
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117.JgD, la, TB mit Anlagen. 1943-12-31 - Activity report relating to reorganization, ragrouping, movements, status, security and reconnaissance activity, battle conduct, and tactical situation in the Peloponnesus; execution of antipartisan operations; withdrawal of the 1. Pz.Div. and transfer to Serbia, leaving the security of all of Peloponnesus to the 117. JgD, 1 Oct 1943; and the setting up of Kampfgruppe Korinth to defend the Corinth Canal. Intelligence reports and bulletins concerning partisan activity, losses, and situation in the Peloponnesus and the military and political situation in Greece,, October 01, 1943 - December 31, 1943
117.JgD, la, KTB fuer das Unternehmen Wytina als Anlage zum TB. 1943-09-06 - Preparations for and execution of Unternehmen Wytina., August 28, 1943 - September 06, 1943
117.JgD, la, KTB der Kampfgruppe Lindenblatt. 1945-01-08 - War journal concerning the formation of Kampfgruppe Lindenhlatt in Ruma, Yugoslavia, 10 Oct 1944, to defend the Sava-Drina Rivers sector and later the area between the Sava and Danube Rivers, and disengagement operations from the Novi Sad area to the Brod-Osijek area. Kampfgruppe Lindenblatt vas relieved by Regiment Aschoff and disbanded, 8 Jan 1945. The Kampfgruppe was subordinate to Division Boettcher, 118.JgD and the 117.JgD, successively, under the command of Obstlt. Lindenblatt. (There is no indication that KTB, 1 Jan-30 Jun 1944, record item 54798, as listed in the Potsdam catalog, were ever in the custody of the National Archives.), November 30, -0001 - January 08, 1945